Overview - MoodRing Product Submission to CHI2018 Design Competition

I worked on an interdisciplinary team of Carnegie Mellon graduate students to create MoodRing, a digital and physical product that we submitted to the CHI2018 Design Competition in January 2018. Below is an overview of our product and above is the product video.

My team was interested in how emotions effect decision making and how technology can influence them too. MoodRing is an emotion map of the world that encourages you to actively reflect about your emotions by creating art.

This reflection increases your emotional intelligence; you gain a better understanding of how you feel and how this effects your decision making and behavior through artistic expression and collaboration with others.

MoodRing also creates and sells high tech wearables that show you the real-time mood of any location in the world based on the emotions associated with the art added by all contributers.

My main responsibilities - product management, ideation, conceptualization, user research, user testing, prototyping, software development, strategy development