Overview - Bobbi Brown NY Happenings Website - December 2016


While working for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (a brand under the Estee Lauder Companies umbrella), I was responsible for all engagement and development initiatives. One of my related tasks was to create a monthly newsletter with updates about new hires and upcoming brand events. It needed to be in a format that the Brand President found engaging and trendy and to align with brand guidelines.

At the same time, I realized that I was spending too much time answering employee questions and directing them to scattered information across the broader Estee Lauder Companies platforms instead of focusing on more strategic initiatives, which were a better use of my time.

To complete the task, enhance it and solve my own problem, I created this interactive brand website that contains brand HR information, provides links to corporate information, highlights events, achievements, new hires and our leadership team. I designed the website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (skills I acquired through night classes while working full time and through self-education). I researched our brand design guidelines and ensured the website met them so that it would be culturally relevant.

The website was released in December 2016 and exceeded expectations. It was commended by the Brand President, brand employees and it significantly decreased the amount of general employee HR inquiries so I had more time to focus on strategic work. Employees also enjoyed the connectivity and conversation with their colleagues, which it encourages, and this improved employee morale and collaboration at work. I was asked to replicate the website for two other brands under the Estee Lauder Companies umbrella.

Because the website contains personal employee information, it is private and I cannot share it with you, but have presented the below screenshots for your viewing.